Tweet My Steps is a fun little fitness utility to help you achieve your everyday walking goal. Whether it's 10,000 steps, shorter or longer, you'll be able to see how you rank versus other walkers around the world. No sign up is required, all you have to do is tweet your steps! We recommend tweeting your current step count several times a day so people who view your total steps on tweetmysteps.com may be motivated to walk more. Competition in fitness leads to better results.


Use whatever pedometer you like best to count your steps throughout the day. Our current favorite pedometers are the Omron HJ-303 Pocket Pedometer and, if you're looking for something a bit more tricked out, we recommend the Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black. Really, for the purposes of this web app, any pedometer will do. It's less about accuracy and more about just getting out there and walking.

Already have a pedometer? Great. You're ready to begin. Simply tweet your current total step count through this web app by clicking on the + or you can just tweet using any twitter app using the right syntax. You're tweeting the current total steps your pedometer shows, not the number of steps for any particular activity. Your pedometer is going to only show the current total anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue. As a bonus, if you login with Twitter and tweet from this web app, we'll add a link to your Tweet My Steps public profile page to your tweet.

Once you do tweet your steps, it’ll take about a minute or so for your tweets to show up in the web app.  While you’re waiting for your tweet to post: walk some more, do jumping jacks or just zone out for a bit.

How Vs. Works

Fitness is more fun with competition. If the users you follow on Twitter are also following you, you’ll be able to see how their step counts compare with your’s under Vs.

Using Twitter

If you prefer to tweet directly using twitter, use the following syntax:

@tweetmysteps_<current total step count>_steps:_<How did you walk those steps?>

example: @tweetmysteps 1400 steps: The dog took me for a walk.

If you’d like to mention someone, in addition to “@tweetmysteps”, you can do so before “@tweetmysteps” or in the comment area.  

example: @JenTheWalker @tweetmysteps 1400: Went walking with friends.
@tweetmysteps 1400 steps: Went walking in the park with @JenTheWalker.

The Clock

Our day begins at 12 am CST and ends at 11:59:59 pm CST. Tweet your steps in between those times to be counted for the current day. Remember to reset the count on your pedometer daily.

Our week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.


Tweet My Steps is using the Twitter API and only handles and displays public Twitter data. If you’ve checked the “Protect my Tweets” option under Tweet privacy on Twitter, Tweet My Steps will not be able to read any of your tweets.

Our Team

Our team is small and hungry. Caloric sabotage through cupcakes and pizza will be tolerated (and appreciated).


Send your comments, concerns, and praise to feedback@tweetmysteps.com. There’s nothing quite like positive reinforcement... :)

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